Documentary Producer, Writer, Creative. 

Development & Archive Consultant.

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About Me

I was born on Labor Day, which no doubt led to my direct sense of humor. The oldest of four daughters, I grew up on a farm in northwest Ohio. I found my way to documentary film during my education at Ohio University, producing two feature documentaries, one of which, Athens Asylum, earned a regional Emmy nomination. 


I began my New York career at a political advertising firm working on campaigns for Kirsten Gillibrand,, and Hillary Clinton’s first presidential bid. Since, I’ve specialized in non-fiction, documentary and unscripted content, producing an eclectic collection of programming for National Geographic, Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project, ABC, Bloomberg, WEtv and more. Beyond television, I've been able to produce with Google Creative Lab, Moxie Pictures, Airbnb. 


In addition to production, I specialize non-fiction development from creative to contracts.  From working independently to running a development department, my skillset is flexible and wide-ranging. Currently, I’m consulting for production companies and brands on development creative and strategy. 


Jaws: The Inside Story, has to be my favorite show of all-time to work on.  Involved from pre-post, I secured an interview with Steven Spielberg, licensed hundreds of unpublished BTS images, and spent a ton of time meeting everyone on Martha’s Vineyard!  


In my free time, you can find me cooking a feast, pitching on my softball team Chardee MacDennis or collecting vintage wares.  I am a proud plant hoarder, amazing trip planner and rarely turn down wine.

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